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Connection Option Descriptions : Edition Name

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Edition Name


EditionName (EN)


The name of the Oracle edition the driver uses when establishing a connection. Oracle 11g R2 and higher allows your database administrator to create multiple editions of schema objects so that your application can still use those objects while the database is being upgraded. This option is only valid for Oracle 11g R2 and higher databases and tells the driver which edition of the schema objects to use.
The driver uses the default edition in the following cases:
*When the specified edition is not a valid edition. The driver generates a warning indicating that it was unable to set the current edition to the specified edition.
*When the value for this option is not specified or is set to an empty string.
If failover is enabled using the Failover Mode connection option and a connection fails over to another database server, the driver connects to the alternate server using the same edition that was used for the failed connection. The driver does not track changes to the current edition made using the ALTER SESSION SQL statement.

Valid Values

is the name of a valid Oracle edition.




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