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Using the Driver : Configuring and Connecting to Data Sources : Configuring the Product on UNIX/Linux : Environment Variables : DD_INSTALLDIR

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This variable provides the driver with the location of the product installation directory so that it can access support files. DD_INSTALLDIR must be set to point to the fully qualified path name of the installation directory.
For example, to point to the location of the directory for an installation on /opt/odbc in the C shell, you would set this variable as follows:
setenv DD_INSTALLDIR /opt/odbc
In the Bourne or Korn shell, you would set it as:
The driver searches for the location of the installation directory as follows:
1. The driver checks the DD_INSTALLDIR variable
2. The driver checks the odbc.ini or the odbcinst.ini files for the InstallDir keyword (see "Configuring a Data Source in the System Information File" for a description of the InstallDir keyword)
If the driver does not locate the installation directory, it returns an error.
The next step is to test load the driver.