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Connection Option Descriptions : AllowedOpenSSLVersions

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AllowedOpenSSLVersions (AOV)


Important: Version 1.0.2 of the OpenSSL library has reached the end of its product life cycle and is no longer receiving security updates. Best security practices dictate that you use the latest version of the library.
Determines which version of the OpenSSL library file the driver uses for data encryption. Although the latest version of the OpenSSL library is the most secure, some characteristics of the library can cause connections to certain databases to fail. This option allows you to continue using older versions of the OpenSSL library while you transition your environment to support the latest version.

Valid Values

latest | openssl_version_number[[,openssl_version_number]...]
is the version number for the OpenSSL library file to be loaded by the driver, for example, 1.0.2. When more than one version is specified, the driver will first attempt to load the first version listed. If the driver is unable to locate and load this file, it will attempt to load the next version in the value. The driver currently supports versions 1.1.1 and 1.0.2. Refer to the installed readme for latest supported versions.


If set to latest, the driver loads the latest installed version of the OpenSSL library file provided by Progress.
If set to openssl_version_number, the driver loads the specified version of the OpenSSL library file. This value is used to specify a version other than the latest.


*This option is ignored if OpenSSL library files are specified using the CryptoLibName and SSLLibName options.
*This option works only with OpenSSL library files provided by Progress and user supplied OpenSSL library files that match Progress's naming convention and installation location.
*This option works only for installations using the default directory structure.
*Consult your database administrator concerning the security settings of your server.




The value for this option is specified as an option-value pair in the Extended Options field on the Advanced tab. For example:

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