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Using the Driver : Configuring and Connecting to Data Sources : Configuring the Product on macOS : Environment Variables

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Environment Variables
Most users do not need to configure their environment variables after installation. On macOS platforms, the location of system files, such as the odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini files, are standardized, making environment variable configuration unnecessary in most scenarios. Environment variables can be modified if necessary, but they must be set for each application that relies on the variable as well as the system.
The following procedure allows you to set the ODBCINST variable, if required by your application. For details on configuring additional environment variables, refer to the macOS documentation.
Note: To complete these procedures, you must have the appropriate permissions to modify your environment and to read, write, and execute various files. You must log in as a user with full r/w/x permissions recursively on the entire Progress DataDirect for ODBC installation directory and affected directories.