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Welcome to the Progress DataDirect for JDBC for Apache Spark SQL Driver : What's New in this Release?

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What's New in this Release?

Changes Since the 6.0.1 Release

For the latest certifications and enhancements, refer to the release notes for Progress DataDirect for JDBC drivers.
*Certified with Apache Spark SQL 2.0.x.
*The driver has been enhanced to support the Statement.cancel API, which allows you to cancel running queries. The Statement.cancel API is supported only on Apache Spark SQL 2.0 and higher. See Statement for details.
*The driver has been enhanced to support the Binary data type for Apache Spark SQL 2.0 and higher, including the following two new connection properties:
*MaxBinarySize allows you to specify the maximum length of fields of the Binary data type that the driver describes through result set descriptions and metadata methods.
*BinaryDescribeType allows you to specify whether Binary columns are described as VARBINARY or LONGVARBINARY.
See Data Types, BinaryDescribeType, and MaxBinarySize for details.
*The driver has been enhanced to support HTTP mode, which allows you to access Apache Spark SQL data stores using HTTP/HTTPS requests. HTTP mode can be configured using the new TransportMode and HTTPPath connection properties. See HTTP Mode, TransportMode, and HTTPPath for details.
*The driver has been enhanced to support cookie based authentication for HTTP connections. Cookie based authentication can be configured using the new EnableCookieAuthentication and CookieName connection properties. See Configuring User ID/Password Authentication, EnableCookieAuthentication, and CookieName.

Highlights of the 6.0.1 Release

*Certified with Apache Spark SQL 1.4.x and 1.5.x.
*Enhanced to support the Decimal and Varchar data types. See Data Types and getTypeInfo for details.
*Added ArrayFetchSize connection property to improve performance and reduce out of memory errors. ArrayFetchSize can be used to increase throughput or, alternately, improve response time in Web-based applications. See ArrayFetchSize and Performance Considerations for details.
Changed Behavior
*The driver no longer registers the Statement Pool Monitor as a JMX MBean by default. To register the Statement Pool Monitor and manage statement pooling with standard JMX API calls, the new RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean connection property must be set to true. See Statement Pool Monitor and RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean for details.

Highlights of the 6.0.0 Release

*Supports Apache Spark 1.2 and higher.
*Supports SSL protocol for sending encrypted data. See Using Data Encryption for details.
*Supports Kerberos authentication. See Using Authentication for details.
*Returns result set metadata for parameterized statements that have been prepared but not yet executed. See Parameter Metadata Support for details.
*Supports connection pooling. See Connection Pool Manager for details.
*Includes a set of timeout connection properties which allow you to limit the duration of active sessions and how long the driver waits to establish a connection before timing out. See Timeout Properties for details.
*Includes the TransactionMode connection property which allows you to configure the driver to report that it supports transactions, although Spark SQL does not support transactions. This provides a workaround for applications that do not operate with a driver that reports transactions are not supported. See TransactionMode for details.
*The driver provides support for the following standard SQL functionality:
*Create Table and Create View
*Drop Table and Drop View
See Supported SQL Functionality for details.