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Connection Property Descriptions : RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean

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Registers the Statement Pool Monitor as a JMX MBean when statement pooling has been enabled with MaxPooledStatements. This allows you to manage statement pooling with standard JMX API calls and to use JMX-compliant tools, such as JConsole.

Valid Values

true | false


If set to true, the driver registers an MBean for the statement pool monitor for each statement pool. This gives applications access to the Statement Pool Monitor through JMX when statement pooling is enabled..
If set to false, the driver does not register an MBean for the Statement Pool Monitor for any statement pool.


Registering the MBean exports a reference to the Statement Pool Monitor. The exported reference can prevent garbage collection on connections if the connections are not properly closed. When garbage collection does not take place on these connections, out of memory errors can occur.



Data Type


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