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Using the Driver : Using Connection Properties : Required Properties

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Required Properties

The following table summarizes connection properties required to connect to a database. The first section describes options required for both binary (TCP) mode and HTTP modes, while the second documents additional options required to establish an HTTP connection.
Table 7. Required Properties
Required properties for all connections
Specifies the name of the database. The database must exist, or the connection attempt will fail.
The TCP port of the primary database server that is listening for connections to the database.
The default is 10000.
Specifies either the IP address or the server name (if your network supports named servers) of the primary database server.
Additional properties required for enabling HTTP mode
Specifies the path of the HTTP/HTTPS endpoint used for connections when HTTP mode is enabled (TransportMode=http).
The default is cliservice.
Specifies whether binary (TCP) mode or HTTP mode is used to access Apache Spark SQL data sources.
If set to binary, Thrift RPC requests are sent to directly to data sources using a binary connection (TCP mode).
If set to http, Thrift RPC requests are sent using HTTP transport (HTTP mode). HTTP mode is typically used when connecting to a reverse-proxy server, such as a gateway, for improved security, or a load balancer.
Note: To configure the driver to use HTTPS end points, set TransportMode=http and EncryptionMethod=SSL.
The default is binary.