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Using the Driver : Using Authentication : Configuring the Driver for Kerberos Authentication : Kerberos Authentication Requirements

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Kerberos Authentication Requirements
Verify that your environment meets the requirements listed in the following table before you configure the driver for Kerberos authentication.
Note: The domain controller must administer both the database server and the client.
Table 16. Kerberos Configuration Requirements
Database server
The database server must be running Apache Spark SQL 1.2 or higher.
Kerberos server
The Kerberos server is the machine where the user IDs for authentication are administered. The Kerberos server is also the location of the Kerberos KDC. Network authentication must be provided by one of the following methods:
*Windows Active Directory on one of the following operating systems:
*Windows Server 2003 or higher
*Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 3 or higher
*MIT Kerberos 1.5 or higher
Java SE 6 or higher must be installed.