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Using the Driver : Connection Pool Manager : Implementing DataDirect Connection Pooling

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Implementing DataDirect Connection Pooling

To use connection pooling, an application must use a DataSource object (an object implementing the DataSource interface) to obtain a connection instead of using the DriverManager class. A DataSource object registers with a JNDI naming service. Once a DataSource object is registered, the application retrieves it from the JNDI naming service in the standard way.
To implement DataDirect Connection Pooling, perform the following steps.
1. Create and register with JNDI a Progress DataDirect data source object. Once created, the DataSource object can be used by a connection pool (PooledConnectionDataSource object created in "Creating a Driver DataSource Object") to create connections for one or multiple connection pools.
2. To create a connection pool, you must create and register with JNDI a PooledConnectionDataSource object. A PooledConnectionDataSource creates and manages one or multiple connection pools. The PooledConnectionDataSource uses the driver DataSource object created in "Creating the Connection Pool" to create the connections for the connection pool.
* Creating a Driver DataSource Object
* Creating the Connection Pool