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Using the Driver : Statement Pool Monitor : Generating a Statement Pool Export File

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Generating a Statement Pool Export File

You may want to generate an export file in the following circumstances:
*To import statements to the statement pool, you can create an export file, edit its contents, and import the file into the statement pool to import statements to the pool.
*To examine the characteristics of the statements in the statement pool to help you troubleshoot statement pool performance.
To generate a statement pool export file, use the exportStatements() method of the ExtStatementPoolMonitorMBean interface. For example, the following code exports the contents of the statement pool associated with the connection to a file named stmt_export.txt:
ExtStatementPoolMonitor monitor =
   ((ExtConnection) con).getStatementPoolMonitor().exportStatements
See the "Statement Pool Export File Example" topic for information on interpreting the contents of an export file.