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Using Hybrid Data Pipeline : Editing, deleting, sharing, and testing data sources with the Web UI : Testing a data source

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Testing a data source

You can use the SQL Editor to browse data source schema1 and test data sources by executing SQL queries.
Take the following steps to view a data source and run queries against it.
1. Navigate to the SQL Editor view by clicking the SQL editor icon .
2. From the Select a Data Source dropdown, select the data source you want to view or query.
3. To view schema tables, click the a schema carrot in the Schema Tree panel.
4. To view the details of a table, click on a table in the Table Details panel.
5. To query a data source, enter a SQL query in the Editor or drag the table name, and then click EXECUTE to run the query.
The results of the query are displayed in the Results section along with the status of the query execution. The maximum number of rows displayed per query is 200.

1 For backend data stores that support schemas, the Metadata Exposed Schemas option can be used to restrict the exposed schemas to a single schema. Metadata Exposed Schemas only affects the metadata that is displayed in the Schema navigation pane. SQL queries can still be executed against tables in other schemas. For details, see the parameters topic for your data source type.