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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : Troubleshooting : System logs

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System logs

Hybrid Data Pipeline generates a number of log files to record events, activity, and other information. As described in Data source logging, the user activity log provides the information needed to resolve most user issues. However, some issues may warrant further investigation. In such a scenario, Progress technical support can help you retrieve and examine other system logs, as well as the user activity log.
Hybrid Data Pipeline system logging falls into three general categories.
*Deployment logging
*Runtime logging
*On-Premises Connector logging
Note: Deployment and runtime logs can be bundled into a compressed tar file by running the install_dir/ddcloud/ script. If running the server on multiple nodes, the script must be run on each host machine. The name of the tar file will have the following format.

Deployment logging

The following log files can be useful when investigating problems that occur during installation or upgrade of the server.
The final.log file provides the overall status of a Hybrid Data Pipeline server deployment. If no errors were received during the deployment process, the file will contain the message "Hybrid Data Pipeline deployment complete." If an error does occur during the deployment process, this file will contain a message that indicates where the deployment script encountered the error.
The error.log file provides error and warning messages received during the deployment process. If any error is received during deployment, the error message, or exception, is logged to this file.
The deploy.log file provides details on the deployment process. In particular, this log file contains all parameters used in the configuration of the Hybrid Data Pipeline server, as well as any modifications to the system database schema.

Runtime logging

Runtime logging includes Tomcat log files, Web UI log files, and service log files. Hybrid Data Pipeline server runtime logs can be found in the following directory, and its sub-directories.
Tomcat log files
The following Apache Tomcat log files are written to the <install_dir>/ddcloud/das/server/logs directory. These log files may be useful in diagnosing issues that occur when trying to start the Hybrid Data Pipeline service.
Web UI log files
The following logs record issues that occur with the Web UI.
Service log files
A number of log files record activity that relates directly to the operation of the Hybrid Data Pipeline service. The following table lists all service logs. (The service logs include the data source activity log described in Data source logging.)
File name
This log captures logging events from the background threads in Hybrid Data Pipeline.
This log captures exceptions from non-relational data sources.
System statistics are logged every 60 seconds.
The log for initialization and shutdown of the servlet.
Logging related to any external authentication services configured for the Hybrid Data Pipeline instance.
This log is used by our Tomcat filters. These include the authentication filter, IP address whitelist filter, and CORS filter.
Logging related to the Hybrid Data Pipeline service internal message queue.
The log where a specific user's data source activity is captured. This is the data source activity log described in Data source logging.
Activity related to making on-premises connections using the On-Premises Connector.
This log file captures any runtime logging events that cannot be associated with a user.

On-Premises Connector logging

When the On-Premises Connector is being used to connect to data sources, log files are written to the installation directory of the On-Premises Connector. For the most part these log files are analogous to the service log files generated for each instance of a Hybrid Data Pipeline server. These files are written to the connector_install_dir\OPDAS\server\logs\das directory.
In addition, an opacessor.datestamp file is written to directly to the connector_install_dir\OPDAS\server\logs directory. This log captures information on communications between the On-Premises Connector and the Hybrid Data Pipeline server. If a problem occurs where the On-Premises Connector is unable to communicate with the Hybrid Data Pipeline server, this log may help identify the issue.