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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Management API : Schema API

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Schema API

The Schema API is an extension of the Data Sources API. The Schema API can be used to retrieve the information needed to configure a schema for OData connectivity.
Important: For backend data stores that support schemas, Hybrid Data Pipeline provides an option to restrict the metadata exposed by the service to a single schema. When a schema has been specified for the Metadata Exposed Schemas option in the Web UI (or the HDPMetadataExposedSchemas property via the Data Sources API), the Schema API can only be used to query the specified schema. For details on Metadata Exposed Schemas, see the parameters topic for your data source type.
The following table lists the operations that can be performed and their associated URLs. A detailed description for these operations follows.
<myserver>:<port>/api/mgmt/datasources/{datasourceid}/schemas/ <schemaName>/tables
<myserver>:<port>/api/mgmt/datasources/{datasourceid}/schemas/ <schemaName>/tables/<tableName>
<myserver>:<port>/api/mgmt/datasources/{datasourceid}/schemas/ <schemaName>/tables/tableName/columns
<myserver>:<port>/api/mgmt/datasources/{datasourceid}/schemas/ <schemaName>/tables/<tableName>/primarykeys
* Get schemas
* Get table names
* Get table information
* Get column information for a specified table
* Get primary key information for a specified table