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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Management API : Connector API : Update Connector Information : connectorGroup Object

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connectorGroup Object
The connectorGroup object includes parameters that define the way that the Connector group supports connection failover and load balancing.
Valid Values
data type: String
The amount of time, in seconds, that the connectivity service waits for a connection to be established before timing out the connection request.
0 | x where x is a positive integer that represents a number of seconds.
If set to 0, the connectivity service does not time out a connection request.
If set to x, the connectivity service waits for the specified number of seconds before giving up on the current connection attempt and attempting to establish a connection through the next connector in the group. If all of the connectors in the group are tried without establishing a connection, control is returned to the application and a timeout error is generated.
The default is 15.
members [memberID,sequence,weight]
data type: Array [String,int,int]
Specifies the connector ID of each On-Premise Connector in the group, the sequence in which each On-Premise Connector will be tried, and the weight to be applied to the connector.
An array that modifies the connectorGroup object, with the following parameters:
For more information, see members Array.
data type: String
When a connection attempt through a particular connector fails, that connector is temporarily disabled in the group to stop connection attempts to a connector that has failed.
The value specified for retryDelay indicates the number of seconds the connectivity service considers the connector disabled. The connectivity service does not make any connection attempts. After the retryDelay period has expired, the connector is automatically re-enabled and connection attempts are sent to that connector again.
If all of the connectors in a group become disabled at the same time, the connectivity service attempts a connection to each connector in the group instead of suspending all connection attempts until the retryDelay has expired.
0 | x wherex is a positive integer that represents a number of seconds.
If set to 0, a connection failure for a connector does not disable that connector.
If set to x, a connection failure to a particular connector will disable that connector for the specified number of seconds.
The default is 120.
data type: String
Specifies whether to enable load balancing.
If set to Round Robin, a round-robin algorithm is used to handle traffic among a group of On-Premises Connectors.
If set to null, load balancing is disabled for the Connector group.
* members Array