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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Management API : Connector API : Create a Connector Group : connectorGroup Object : members Array

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members Array
The members object is an array that modifies the connectorGroup object. The object specifies the connector ID of each On-Premises Connector in the group, the sequence in which each On-Premises Connector will be tried, and the weight to be applied to the connector.
Valid Values
data type: String
Identifies the Connector ID of the On-Premise Connector. It must not be the Connector ID of an On-Premise Connector Group. Nested groups are not supported.
A string comprised of the Connector ID of the On-Premises Connector.
data type: int
For non-load-balanced connector groups, is the relative order in which the On-Premises Connector is tried. The value of the sequence property for each member object must be unique. Duplicate sequence values are not supported and will generate an error response.
0 | x wherex is a positive integer that represents a number of seconds.
If set to 0, a connection failure for a connector does not disable that connector. If set to x, a connection failure to a particular connector will disable that connector for the specified number of seconds.
The default is 120.
data type: int
For load-balanced connector groups, sets the load for each Connector, with a higher number indicating the relative load directed to the given Connector. For example, if a load-balanced connector group contains connectors A, B and C with weights of 3, 2 and 1 respectively, then for every 6 connections three would go to A, two to B and 1 to C. Moreover, weights do not have to be relative to 1. Rather, they are relative to the other weights in the group. For example, if a group has three connectors with weights 3, 3 and 4, then thirty percent of the requests will go to the first connector, thirty percent will go to the second connector, and forty percent will go to the third connector.
The default value is 1.
Note: For non-load-balanced connector groups, weight is ignored.