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Configuring an On-Premises Connector : Configuring the On-Premises Connector

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Configuring the On-Premises Connector

You can use the On-Premises Configuration Tool to change settings you established during the installation process. You may use the Configuration Tool to change the user id and password used to register the On-Premises Connector with Hybrid Data Pipeline, and to change the label used to identify the Connector in the configuration dialogs. The Configuration Tool also allows you to see the Hybrid Data Pipeline Connector ID that is used to register the On-Premises Connector with Hybrid Data Pipeline.
1. Start the On-Premises Configuration Tool by selecting Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline On-Premises Connector. Then select Configuration Tool.
2. Enter a name for your On-Premises Connector instance in the Connector Label field.
3. Enter your Hybrid Data Pipeline user id and password in their corresponding fields.
4. Click Save. This registers the On-Premises Connector to the Hybrid Data Pipeline service.
5. Select the Status tab and click Test to verify that the On-Premises Connector configuration is correct.
All tests should all have a green check mark, showing the test was successful.
* Restarting the On-Premises Connector
* Determining the Connector information
* Defining the proxy server
* Configuring On-Premises Connector memory resources
* Determining the version
* Checking the configuration status
* Configuring failover and balancing requests across multiple On-Premises Connectors
* Configuring the Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises data source for Kerberos
* Troubleshooting the On-Premises Connector