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Using Hybrid Data Pipeline : Using the Web UI : System Configurations view

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System Configurations view

The System Configurations view can be used to set a number of configurations across the Hybrid Data Pipeline system. This view is only available to users with the Administrator (12) permission (system administrators).
system configurations viewsystem configurations view
The following table provides descriptions of the options available via the System Configurations view.
Administrator (12)
Specifies a delimiter to be used between the user name and authentication service name. In the following example, the | symbol delimits user437 and the LDAP1 service: user437|LDAP1. See Authentication for details.
Secure Password Change
Administrator (12)
Specifies whether the current password is required in order to update the password of the logged-in user. The default value is ON.
Default OData Version
Administrator (12)
Sets the default OData version for new data sources.
Default Entity Name
Administrator (12)
Sets the default entity name mode for OData V4 data sources. For details, see Configuring data sources for OData connectivity and working with data source groups.
JDBC DataStore
Administrator (12)
Enables the third party JDBC data store feature. The default value is ON. For details, see Using third party JDBC drivers with Hybrid Data Pipeline.
Password Policy
Administrator (12)
Enables the default password policy. The default value is ON.
System Monitor Details
Administrator (12)
Determines how the system persists monitor details.
IP WhiteList Filtering
Administrator (12)
Enables the whitelist filtering feature. The default value is ON. See Implementing IP address whitelists for details.