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Querying data stores with SQL : Supported SQL and Extensions : Select : From Clause : Outer Join Escape Sequences

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Outer Join Escape Sequences
JDBC supports the SQL-92 left, right, and full outer join syntax. The escape sequence for outer joins is:
{oj outer-join}
where outer-join is
table-reference {LEFT | RIGHT | FULL} OUTER JOIN {table-reference | outer-join} ON search-condition
where table-reference is a database table name, and search-condition is the join condition you want to use for the tables.
Example: SELECT Customers.CustID, Customers.Name, Orders.OrderID, Orders.Status FROM {oj Customers LEFT OUTER JOIN Orders ON Customers.CustID=Orders.CustID} WHERE Orders.Status='OPEN'
The following outer join escape sequences are supported by Salesforce data stores:
*Left outer joins
*Right outer joins
*Nested outer joins