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Deploying Crystal Reports
Introduction : Starting the sample database

Starting the sample database

This section describes how to start the sample database. In the following example, the database is started with the assumption that OpenEdge is installed locally on your machine.
To start the Sports2004 database from the Proenv window:
1. At the Proenv command prompt, type:
proserve Sports2004 -H localhost -S 5555
The proserve command starts the Sports2004 database.
-H is the database startup parameter that identifies localhost as the server on which the database resides.
-S is the database startup parameter that identifies the port through which the database is connected.
For more on starting databases, see OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.
2. Press Enter.
Proserve confirms that the Sports2004 database has started:
Now that you have created and started a database, you can configure the ODBC driver and use it to connect to the new sample database.