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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Concepts : Project types in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : WebSpeed project type
WebSpeed project type
A WebSpeed project type is an OpenEdge project specialized for WebSpeed applications. It is characterized by an OpenEdge WebSpeed facet. A WebSpeed project has two kinds of resources: Static and Dynamic. Static files are published to a Web server and dynamic files are published to a WebSpeed server. Static files can be HTML files, CSS files, JS files, and images. They are served by an HTTP Web server directly. Dynamic files are CGI wrappers or embedded SpeedScript files. These files are served by a WebSpeed broker when the Web server delegates the HTTP request to it through a WebSpeed messenger.
Note: If you want to develop new WebSpeed applications that run on PAS for OpenEdge, create an ABL Web App project.
A WebSpeed project contains two modules:
*OpenEdge static Web content module
*OpenEdge WebSpeed dynamic content module
An OpenEdge WebSpeed dynamic content module comprises of a set of directories under the project folder that are published to the WebSpeed broker.
A WebSpeed project type uses TTY as the default runtime.
For information on WebSpeed and creating a WebSpeed project, see the WebSpeed help.