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Overview of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with PAS for OpenEdge : Viewing PAS for OpenEdge log files
Viewing PAS for OpenEdge log files
You can view the log information of a currently running PAS for OpenEdge in the Console view. The log information includes server-related errors, warning messages, and informative messages. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge stops logging this information when the server is stopped or removed from the Servers view.
The Console view is available when you start or restart a server from within Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
You can open the Console view to display the PAS for OpenEdge log file in one of the following ways:
*From the Servers view, select the PAS for OpenEdge whose log information you want to view and then select Show In > Console from the context (right-click) menu.
*From the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge menu bar, select Window > Show View > Other > General > Console, click Display Selected Console from the Console view toolbar, and then select the server log from the drop-down list.