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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Viewing ABL messages

Viewing ABL messages

The ABL Messages view enables you to look up information about the ABL error messages in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
Note: The ABL Messages option is available with only the OpenEdge projects.
To view an OpenEdge message:
1. From the Help menu, click ABL Messages. The ABL Messages window appears as a view in the AppBuilder perspective.
2. In the Enter message number field, enter an error number.
3. Click Go to locate and display the message text for the error number entered above.
The Search result section displays the synopsis, category, and description for the error message ID. For example, when you type the error number as 104 in the Enter message number field and click Go, the Search result section displays the message description as: Invalid characters were replaced with blanks. (104). The PROGRESS editor does not allow non-printing control characters or tabs, and replaces them with blanks. For more information, see ABL Messages view.