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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Writing ABL code : Working with preprocessor elements : Using the ABL Preprocessor view
Using the ABL Preprocessor view
The Preprocessor view displays code that is obtained after all the preprocessors (include files, preprocessor definitions, and logic) are expanded. It is a read-only view. Syntax coloring and highlighting are applied to the code in the Preprocessor view, so it appears the same as the code in the ABL Editor.
The Preprocessor view does not appear in the default OpenEdge Editor perspective.
To access the Preprocessor view, do one of the following:
*From the main menu, select Window > Show View > Preprocessor.
*Right-click in the ABL Editor and select Show In > Preprocessor from the context menu.
The Preprocessor view toolbar contains the following buttons:
Update the file displayed in the Preprocessor view.
Link the Preprocessor view with the ABL Editor when focus in the ABL Editor changes to another file. By default linking is off.
Minimize the Preprocessor view.
Maximize the Preprocessor view.
For more information, see Working with preprocessor elements