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Overview of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with PAS for OpenEdge : Working with Web UI Project Type : Undeploying a Web UI project
Undeploying a Web UI project
The Remove context option in the Add and Remove dialog box allows you to undeploy a Web UI module from a PAS instance.
To undeploy a Web UI module:
1. From the Severs view, select a PAS server instance from which you want to undeploy the Web UI module.
2. Select Add and Remove on the PAS server context menu. The Add and Remove dialog appears and displays a list of deployed Web UI module.
3. Select the Web UI module from the Available list, and then click Remove. This moves the selected Web UI module to the Configured list.
Note: To remove all the deployed Web UI modules, click Remove All.
4. Select the If server is started, publish changes immediately check box to publish changes immediately upon the startup of PAS.
5. Click Finish to save your changes.