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Overview of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge : Concepts : The PAS for OpenEdge Server perspective

The PAS for OpenEdge Server perspective

The PAS for OpenEdge appears in the OpenEdge Server perspective, which includes the various views that you use to perform related activities in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. The perspective is based on the OpenEdge Editor perspective but also includes the Servers view and the Progress OpenEdge Server Monitor view.
By default, the OpenEdge Server perspective includes the following views:
*Project Explorer - A hierarchical view of the projects and resources in a workspace. The view is an adaptation of the Workbench Project Explorer view with some OpenEdge-specific menu options.
*Outline - A list of the structural elements of the file that is currently open in the ABL Editor or an XML Editor. The view is the Workbench Outline view customized for working with ABL.
*DB Structure - An OpenEdge view that displays the schema of connected databases. You can drag and drop schema elements (tables, fields, and others) from this view into a file that is open in the ABL Editor.
*Console - A Workbench view that displays the text output from commands (runtime startup, for example) similar to the output in a command window.
*Problems - A log of the errors, warnings, and other information associated with a file that has been opened in the ABL editor. The view is the standard Workbench Problems view.
*Tasks - A To-Do list. The view is the standard Workbench Tasks view.
*Properties - The properties of the object currently selected in the Workbench.
*Servers - A list of all defined servers, including Progress Application Server. This list appears if the AdminServer is running; otherwise, the view is blank.
*Progress OpenEdge Server Monitor - A status view for a PAS for OpenEdge instance.