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Introducing the ABL Editor : Concepts : The OpenEdge Editor perspective

The OpenEdge Editor perspective

The default OpenEdge Editor perspective contains several views. Some are standard Workbench views. Some are specific to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. As with all perspectives, you can add or delete views from the OpenEdge Editor perspective. If you want to reset to the default perspective configuration, choose Window > Reset Perspective.
By default, the OpenEdge Editor perspective includes the following views:
*ABL Editor - A code editor customized for working with ABL. You can have multiple ABL source files open simultaneously in separate editor buffers.
*Project Explorer - A hierarchical view of the projects and resources in your Eclipse workspace.
*Outline - A list of the structural elements of the file that has focus in the ABL Editor.
*DB Structure - An OpenEdge view that displays the schema of connected databases. You can drag and drop schema elements (tables, fields, and others) from this view into a file open in the ABL Editor.
*Console - A Workbench view that displays the text output from commands (run-time startup, for example).
*Problems - A log of the errors, warnings, and other information associated with a file that has been opened in the ABL editor.
*Tasks - A to-do list.