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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Tasks : Deploying ABL REST Web applications : Starting and stopping Apache Tomcat
Starting and stopping Apache Tomcat
The Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides Apache Tomcat as a Java container to deploy your REST services and REST Web applications. When installing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, Apache Tomcat is also installed and configured. The Tomcat will be located in your OpenEdge installation directory at $DLC/servers/tomcat.
Before you define and publish an OE Web Server or REST Service, you must start the Apache Tomcat. The REST adapter that expose the REST Web applications to the clients, run in the Java container.
To start the Apache Tomcat:
1. On the Windows Start > Programs menu, select Progress > OpenEdge > Proenv. A command shell window opens and displays information about your OpenEdge installation, followed by a command prompt:
2. Enter the following command:
protc start
The Tomcat shell window opens.
Note: To stop the Apache Tomcat, enter protc stop at the proenv> command prompt.
Alternatively, you can start and stop the Apache Tomcat from the Servers view or from the OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer (OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Configuration guide).