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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : SmartObject dialogs : SmartDataBrowser Wizard
SmartDataBrowser Wizard
The SmartDataBrowser Wizard allows you to create a SmartDataBrowser (SDB) object. The wizard allows you to first choose a DataSource to supply data to SmartDataBrowser, and then you specify columns that will be displayed in the SmartDataBrowser object.
Access the SmartDataBrowser wizard by choosing SmartDataBrowser in the Object Type list on the Create an ABL GUI procedure dialog.
The SmartDataBrowser Wizard is a four page wizard and includes the following options:
SmartDataBrowser Wizard - Page 1 of 4
Move to the next page of the wizard.
SmartDataBrowser Wizard - Page 2 of 5
Data definition source
Specify a DataObject (SmartDataObject or SmartBusinessObject) or an include file that provides data definitions for the SmartDataBrowser. Click Browse to select either a SmartDataObject, a SmartBusinessObject, or an Include file.
Help on definition source
Open the help on to definition source.
SmartDataBrowser Wizard - Page 3 of 4
Add Fields
Open the Multi-Field Selector dialog which allows you to add a list of fields from the selected DataObject to the SmartDataBrowser to make available to visualization objects.
Help on Fields
Open the help on the Fields dialog.
SmartDataBrowser Wizard - Page 4 of 4
Complete the wizard to create a SmartDataBrowser.
For more information, see Creating ABL GUI procedure files