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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Starting Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Setting Eclipse startup preferences
Setting Eclipse startup preferences
When you start Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge from a desktop icon or from a Start menu selection, the default Eclipse startup command has the following format:
OpenEdge-install-dir/DeveloperStudio3.6/eclipse/eclipse.exe -vm OpenEdge_install_dir/DeveloperStudio3.6/jre/bin/javaw.exe
The default startup command points to the Eclipse executable (eclipse.exe) and the Java Runtime Environment (javaw.exe) that support Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
You might need to add startup parameters to the default so that Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge runs on your system. For example, the default memory allocation (256MB) for Java might be inadequate in your operating environment. You can add the following command line parameters to increase the available memory for Java:
-vmargs -Xmx<memory size>
In Windows, you can open the properties of a desktop icon or a Start menu selection and add startup parameters in the Target field of the Properties dialog .