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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Concepts : REST service annotations : REST main annotations
REST main annotations
REST main annotation makes an ABL procedure or class, or an external procedure file available as a REST resource. This annotation must precede any ABL statement in the procedure or class file.
The illustration below provides an example of REST main annotation:
@openapi.openedge.export FILE(type="REST", executionMode="{external | single-run | singleton}", useReturnValue="{true | false}", writeDataSetBeforeImage="{true | false}").
This keyword specifies that the annotation applies to an ABL class or procedure level. This is a mandatory attribute for main annotation.
This attribute specifies the type of defined service such as REST for a REST service or ESB for an ESB service. This is a mandatory attribute.
This attribute specifies how the ABL class or procedure, or an external procedure runs. If you specify the value as EXTERNAL, the procedure runs externally, the value SINGLE-RUN allows you to call internal procedures and user defined functions in a procedure file, and the value SINGLETON allows you to call methods in a class file or internal procedures in a procedure file. This is a mandatory attribute.
This attribute specifies whether a return string is used for procedures. The default value is false. This is an optional attribute.
This attribute specifies whether before-image data is written out when ProDataSet parameters are serialized as XML. Before-image is not supported for JSON. The only valid value for REST is false. This is an optional attribute.