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Parsing options
The Parsing preferences page provide options which allow you to optimally build the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) for an include file.
Some of the programs might have many references of the same include file. Such programs cause the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to consume more memory, because each include file has a separate AST. The Includes file preferences section on the Parsing preferences page allows you manage the include file references of a program while constructing an AST.
You can access the Parsing preferences page by selecting Window > Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Advanced > Parsing.
The Parsing preferences page includes the following options:
Add file only once
Select this option to construct only one AST for an include file reference, even though it has many references in the program.
For example, if the same include file has four references in a program, only one AST is built for the include file when Add file only once is selected.
Cache the file content
Select this option to cache the include file contents. This stores the contents of an include file in the memory until the program is closed.
Trim the content
Select this option to trim an include file's content. Only the definitions used in the Outline view and the entities (tokens) required to understand the structure of an include file are considered while constructing an AST, and other information of an include file is discarded.
For example, only the procedure declaration and the parameters of an internal procedure present in an include file are considered while constructing an AST. The other statements of an internal procedure are discarded.
Note: This option is enabled when you select the Cache the file content check box.