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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Working with Progress Dynamics : Opening objects from the Repository
Opening objects from the Repository
The Open Object dialog allows you to browse for objects stored in the Repository and select an object for viewing or editing in the design window.
Note: The Open Dialog menu option is available only with the Dynamic projects. See Setting Progress Dynamics project.
To open a dynamics object:
1. In the Project Explorer view, select a dynamics project.
2. From the File menu, select Open Object. The Open Object dialog appears.
3. The Object browser displays the objects stored in the Repository for the selected product module or type, or that match the filename filter value.
Note: You can change how the browse displays information in each column by clicking on the column name. For example, if you click on the Object filename column, all columns are sorted and displayed by the object filename in alphabetical order. If you click on Object type code, all columns are sorted and displayed by object type code in alphabetical order. You can use any column to sort and display the information in the browse.
4. You can specify any of the following filter options to narrow down your search:
*Object filename field – Enter a full or partial object file name to automatically filter the objects listed in the Open Object dialog. As you enter each character, the list of objects in the browser narrows.
*Module drop-down – Select a product module to display objects created in that product module.
*Type drop-down – Select an object type to display objects of that type.
*Object filename drop-down – Displays the most recently opened object list. Select any recently opened dynamic object.
5. Select an object from the Object browser list, and click Open.
6. The selected dynamic object opens for editing in the GUI Designer design canvas. Additional options which are available on the right-click context menu of a dynamic object in the Object browser are:
*Open – Opens the selected object for editing in the GUI Designer design canvas.
*Remove from Repository – Displays an alert box to confirm the removal of the selected dynamic object from the Repository.
*Properties – Displays the Object Properties dialog which allows you to view properties for the selected object.