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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Concepts : OpenEdge project and resource data files

OpenEdge project and resource data files

When you are working in an OpenEdge project, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge often creates data files that contain configuration information for the project or for project resources. You often include these data files when you are importing, exporting, or sharing projects or project resources.
Most project data files are visible in a project's Resources view. Some files (.resx, for example) are hidden by default. The Resources view has a Filters option on its drop-down display menu where you can choose which file types to display or hide.
Note: You should not edit project data files. You could introduce errors that would make the project or some of its resources unusable. Project data files are usually updated automatically in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge when you change settings using property or preferences pages. Some project data files are automatically updated when you add, modify, or delete resources.
Some of the OpenEdge project data files are:
A list of the assemblies where .NET classes are stored that is referenced at compile time and run time.
A list of the database connections used by a project.
A .NET resource file that can contain localized values for controls, as well as binary graphic files.
A list of the Sonic Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) annotations in ABL code that can be exported to a Sonic environment.
General project information, such as the name and the nature of the project.
A list of the directories in the project's PROPATH.
A list of the changes to the Visual Designer Toolbox.