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Data Object overview : Reference : New Business Entity wizard

New Business Entity wizard

The New Business Entity wizard allows you to create an ABL class (.cls) which automatically includes the Data Object interface annotations. You can then expose the Data Object interface annotated Business entity class as a Data Object resource.
Alternatively, you can create an ABL class file using the New ABL Class wizard, and use the Define Service Interface wizard to add Data Object interface annotations to expose the defined class file as a Data Object resource.
You can access the New Business Entity wizard by selecting File > New Business Entity in the OpenEdge Server perspective.
Note: If you do not see Business Entity on File > New, then select File > New > Others. On the wizard selection page, select > Progress OpenEdge > Business Components > Business Entity, to open the New Business Entity wizard.
The New Business Entity wizard includes the two pages, described in the following topics.
* Create a Business entity class page
* Select a schema file page