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Overview of ABLUnit testing framework : Reference : Test case generation wizards : New ABLUnit Test Suite Class wizard
New ABLUnit Test Suite Class wizard
The New ABLUnit Test Suite Class wizard allows you to create a test suite class. A test suite class contains a list of test cases and/or other test suites. You can use test suites for grouping and organizing test cases. When you run a test suite, all the test cases and suites that belong to that test suite are executed by default.
This wizard appears when you select File>New> ABLUnit>Test Suite Class. You can also select New>ABLUnit>Test Suite Class from the context menu in the Project Explorer view.
The following controls are available in this wizard:
Field name
Package root
(Required) Specifies a currently open project that will contain the class code, other project code, and any assembly references. Click Browse if you want to select a project other than the current one (the default value).
Optionally, specifies a package name that will contain the class file, corresponding to a sub-folder of the package root. Click Browse or enter the folder path. A period (.) must separate each subfolder from its parent folder in the path name.
Class name
(Required) Specifies the name of the test suite class. The name must begin with a letter; spaces and most non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed. The .cls extension is appended automatically.
Test classes and procedures to include in the suite
Displays a list of test classes and procedures that you add to or remove from the test suite.
Opens the Select Class or Procedure dialog that allows you to select test class and test procedure files that you want to include in the test suite.
Deletes an item from the list of test classes and procedures to be included in the test suite class.
Generates a test suite class with the selected test classes and procedures included and opens it in the ABL Editor.