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Navigation features
Available tools and techniques for navigating easily through ABL source files include:
*Outline view - This view, part of the default OpenEdge Editor perspective, shows all structural elements of the current file, grouped by category. Clicking on a node in the outline takes you quickly to the corresponding location in the code.
*Quick outline - Similar to the Outline view, Quick Outline appears on demand in a pop-up window and offers several options for viewing and navigating the code structure.
*Opening included files - The context (right-click) menu in the ABL Editor lets you open an include file declared in the current file. You can also open include files from the Outline view and Quick Outline.
*Preprocessor view - This view displays code obtained after all the preprocessors (include files, preprocessor definitions, and logic) are expanded. Syntax coloring and highlighting are applied to the code in the Preprocessor view, so it appears the same as the code in the ABL Editor.