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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Tasks : Changing project property profiles : Exporting and importing project resources and properties : Migrating database connections
Migrating database connections
Database connections created in Release 10.1A cannot be used in later releases of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. If you want to use a database connection created in Release 10.1A in this release of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, it must be migrated using the database migration function. The other alternative is to re-create the database connection using the tools in the current release.
When you migrate database connections, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge extracts the old database connection property settings and creates a new database resource file using the existing connection information. The revised database connections are automatically mapped to the current project in the workspace. Old database property settings are removed for a project once it is migrated. Each project can only be migrated once.
To migrate database connections:
1. Select the OpenEdge Editor perspective.
2. From the menu bar, select OpenEdge.
3. Select Migration > Migrate 10.1A Database Connections. The Migrate Database Connections dialog appears.
4. Select the project (or projects) that have database connections you want to migrate.
5. Click Next to display existing projects and their associated database connections.
Note: If multiple connections have the same name, only the first instance is selected for migration. That migrated connection will be automatically assigned to every project in which the name occurs. If you select additional instances for migration, an identifier (for example, -1) will be appended to form a unique name for each instance. Select multiple instances when the connection definitions differ.
6. Click Finish.