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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : Toolbar and menu options : GUI Designer toolbar
GUI Designer toolbar
GUI Designer toolbar contain actions that apply only to the ABL procedure (.w) files or GUI Designer perspective. The toolbar are available and enabled only when the AppBuilder perspective or an ABL GUI procedure (.w) file is opened.
You can use the Customize Perspective dialog to show or hide the toolbar buttons which are visible in your perspective. Access this dialog by selecting Windows menu > Customize Perspective.
See Customize Perspective.
The toolbar contains the following buttons:
Procedure Settings
Opens the Procedure Settings dialog box for the current procedure file. This dialog allows you to modify characteristics for the current procedure.
View Source (F9)
Opens the source editor for the current design window.
Property Sheet
Opens the Property Sheet dialog for a selected object. This dialog allows you to define and modify characteristics for the selected object.
Dynamic Properties
Opens the Dynamic Properties window which allows you to edit repository-based attributes and events for one or more master objects or object instances registered in the Repository.
Note: The Dynamic Properties window opens and runs in a window outside of the Progress Developer Studio Eclipse framework. Online help is available from the utility's Help button or F1 key.
Choose Color
Opens the Choose Color dialog which allows you to set foreground and background colors for the selected objects in the design window.
Go To Page
Allows you to change the current design page. You can go to the selected design page from the current design page.
This option is enabled when the current design window is a SmartContainer. See Paging in SmartObjects.