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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : Preferences page : Grid Units preferences
Grid Units preferences
The Grid Units preferences page allows you to set grid display options of the designer window. Grid is a framework of lines used to align objects within frames.
This page includes the following options:
Display grid
Allow you to show grid on the design window.
Snap to grid
Allow you to move and resize objects only from grid point to grid point.
Grid layout unit size (Graphical Windows only)
Specify the width and height of the grid unit.
Note: Units of measure (characters or pixels) is specified by the Layout Units option.
Layout units
Specify the units to set the height and width of the grid size. The value must be specified in Character or Pixel.
Grid units between major lines
Specify the number of grid units to set the space between horizontal and vertical grid lines. This value must be an integer.
Restore Defaults
Reset the preferences to the default values.
Apply the changes you made to the current workspace configuration.