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Introducing OpenEdge Business Rules : Reference : OpenEdge Business Rules API reference : Class Properties and Methods reference : GetMessages() method
GetMessages() method
The GetMessages() method returns the messages for the most recent Decision Service invocation. It is an idempotent operation, so a repeated call to this method always returns the same data. The message data is only cleared when a new InvokeService call is made. The RulesMessage table refers to the response data structure used in the InvokeService() call. These references may differ from the input application data structure. The GetMessages() method always returns at least one row containing the version of the Decision Service that was used (for cases where an EffectiveOn value or no version was specified). The message has a severity of Info and displays a message text specifying the version of Decision Service that was invoked. The remaining fields contain unknown values.
Return type: VOID
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: OpenEdge.BusinessRules.DecisionService class
GetMessages(OUTPUT TABLE RulesMessage)