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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Writing ABL code : Using annotations : Generating a BPM Invocation file
Generating a BPM Invocation file
To use the OpenEdge procedure file in a BPM process, you require the BPM annotations in the procedure file, and then generate a .bizoe file for the procedure file. The .bizoe file is required for the procedure file to communicate with the BPM process.
Note: When you drag and drop a procedure file onto the BPM Process workflow(.spt), and then build the BPM process, the .bizoe file is internally generated.
To generate BPM invocation files:
1. Right-click on the procedure file in the Project Explorer view, and select Progress OpenEdge > Generate BPM Invocation Files from the context menu to generate a .bizoe file.
2. Right-click in the Project Explorer tab, and then select Refresh from the context menu. The .bizoe file appears under the project files in the Project Explorer tab.
Note: The generated .bizoe file has the same name as that of the procedure file name. For instance, if you are generating BPM invocation files for a custom.p file, then the generated file will be custom.bizoe. For more information, see Defining BPM service interface for an OpenEdge procedure