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Introducing OpenEdge Business Rules : Tasks : Exporting Business Rules Vocabulary Definition

Exporting Business Rules Vocabulary Definition

A Business Rules Vocabulary Definition (.brvd) file is used to exchange ProDataSet and/or temp-table schema information between OpenEdge and Corticon at design time. It is a proprietary format of an XML-based file.
The schema generated and exported from OpenEdge can be imported and used as the basis for Vocabulary entities and attributes in Corticon Studio. For more information on importing business rules vocabulary definition, see the Progress Corticon Documentation.
To export a Business Rules Vocabulary Definition file:
1. Select File > Export > Progress OpenEdge > Business Rules Vocabulary Definition.
Note: You can also select this option from the context (right-click) menu in the Project Explorer view.
The Export Business Rules Vocabulary Definition wizard appears.
2. In the left tab, select the ABL source file whose ProDataSets and/or temp-tables you want to add to the Business Rules Vocabulary Definition file.
3. By default, the wizard displays the Workspace Resources tab that lists files in the workspace. To view files in the file system, select the drop-down arrow and then select File System.
Note: You can use the Browse ABL Files option available on the toolbar of the File System Resources tab to add files from the local file system to the current list. This option is enabled only when you select File System. To use database temp-tables containing the LIKE keyword you must select a workspace resource.
4. When you select a file in the left tab, the ProDataSets and Temp-Tables tab displays all the ProDataSets and temp-tables available in that file. Select the ProDataSet and/or temp-table that you want to include in the Business Rules Vocabulary Definition file.
Note: If the selected file has any compilation errors, then no ProDataSets and temp-tables are displayed for that file.
The Selected data structures list displays the ProDataSets and/or temp-tables that you select in the ProDataSets and Temp-Tables tab. To remove an item from this list, select the item and then select on the Selected data structures toolbar.
5. In the Definition file field, click Browse to specify a location in your file system and a name for the Business Rules Vocabulary Definition file.
Note: If you have specified a default rules Vocabulary folder on the Business Rules preferences page, the location of that folder is displayed when you click Browse. You can change this location if necessary. You can also specify a workspace location for the Business Rules Vocabulary Definition file. In which case, you must refresh the OpenEdge project containing the file to be able to view it in the Project Explorer view.
6. Click Finish.
The selected ProDataSets and/or temp-tables are exported to the specified Business Rules Vocabulary Definition file.