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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Reference : Progress OpenEdge Import and Export wizards : Export Data Definitions page
Export Data Definitions page
The Export Data Definitions page of the Export wizard allows you to export schema changes to a data definition file which can be used by other OpenEdge developers.
Note: This feature is limited to Progress OpenEdge databases and does not impact other databases like Oracle, SQL, etc.
To access this page, select File > Export, expand the Progress OpenEdge node in the tree view, and select the Database Definitions node.
Note: You can also access this page by selecting Export DF on the Database connections preferences page.
The following controls are available on the Export Data Definitions page:
Source database
Specifies the active database to which the data definitions are exported. You can either choose from the drop-down list of active databases or select the location and file in the local system.
Select Tables
Opens the Select Tables dialog in which you can select one or more tables for the source database. All the tables are selected by default.
Note: The Select Tables option is enabled when you select a database in the Source database field.
Create Incremental DF file
Exports the incremental changes between two selected databases to the local system.
Comparison Database
Specifies the database that is compared to the source database and exports the incremental changes between the two.
Note: The Comparison Database field is enabled when you select the Create Incremental DF file check box.
Note: The page prompts you when the export operation is successful and displays an error if a database connection error occurs or the file location authentication fails.