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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Enabling AppBuilder shortcut keys

Enabling AppBuilder shortcut keys

Most of the shortcut keys in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (Developer Studio) differ from AppBuilder shortcut keys. If you want to use standalone AppBuilder shortcut keys in the integrated environment of AppBuilder (in Developer Studio), you can apply many of the AppBuilder key bindings by setting a single workspace preference.
For more information on general behavior of keys, see the Keys topic in the Workbench User Guide.
To enable AppBuilder shortcut keys:
1. Open the Preferences window by choosing Window > Preferences from the main menu bar.
2. Expand the General node in the tree view.
3. Select Keys.
4. Select AppBuilder in the Scheme box. For example:Notice that the Keys preference page lists the commands, the key bindings, and the context where the key binding is in effect. It also allows you to customize individual key bindings.
Note: Not all AppBuilder shortcut keys are enabled. For example, F5 for previewing code is not implemented because it is unnecessary. Code is always displayed in the ABL editor when you open a .w file with AppBuilder embedded in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.You can check the bindings for a particular key, key sequence or command by typing in the type filter text box. For example, typing F5 will show all the key sequences that use the F5 key.
5. Click OK.
6. If you are running Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge in an external Eclipse workbench (an Eclipse workbench other than the one that ships with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge ), some configuration is required before you can enable AppBuilder shortcut keys:
a. In Windows Explorer, navigate to DeveloperStudio-install-dir/eclipse/plugins (the default folder for Progress Developer Studio plugins).
b. Copy the folder com.openedge.keybinding.hook and the file com.openedge.keybinding.hook_1.0.0.jar to the ../eclipse/plugins folder of the external Eclipse workbench.
c. Open ../eclipse/configuration/config.iniin the additional Eclipse installation with a text editor.
d. Set osgi.framework.extensions=com.openedge.keybinding.hook.
Note: When you restart the external Eclipse workbench, you can enable AppBuilder shortcut keys.