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Data Object overview : Reference : Define Service Interface wizard : Define Service Interface page
Define Service Interface page
The Define Service Interface page allows you to add the Data Object interface annotations to your existing ABL class and procedure files.
Access this wizard by selecting Progress OpenEdge > Define Service Interface on the project context menu.
This page includes the following options:
Definition mode
Specify the interface definition type as Data Object from the drop-down.
Workspace resources
Displays a list of ABL class and procedure files of your current workspace.
ABL routines
Displays a list of defined internal procedures, methods, and user-defined functions (UDFs).
Backup selected resources
Select this check box to back up the selected resources before adding the Data Object interface annotations.
Specify a location where you want to save the back-up resources. Click Browse to specify a back-up location.
Takes you to the Edit Annotations page of the Define Service Interface wizard.
Note: You must select at least one ABL routine to have the Next button enabled.