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Introducing OpenEdge Projects : Reference : New OpenEdge Project wizard : Define AppServer content module page
Define AppServer content module page
The Define AppServer content module page of the New OpenEdge Project wizard appears only if you select an AppServer project type on the Create an OpenEdge Project page. It allows you to define the project module and choose publishing options.
The following controls are available on this page:
Module name
Allows you to specify the name of the module. The default is to use the same name as the project.
AppServer source folder
Allows you to specify or create the folder that contains the files that will be published to the server. The default is to create a folder named AppServerContent in the project folder.
Supported servers
Allows you to select where to publish the files, from a list of available servers.
Publish changes immediately
Allows you to choose if you want to copy files to the server immediately after the project is created.