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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Debugger dialogs : Debug Preferences dialog
Debug Preferences dialog
The Debug Preferences dialog lets you enable the evaluation of properties with accessors and set the timeout value for the Debugger connection to the OpenEdge Client. This dialog appears when you select Window > Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Debug.
You can set the following preferences:
Enable property evaluation
Enables the evaluation of properties with accessors.
When you disable this preference, the actual value does not appear for the property in the Variables view. Instead, the message "**Property evaluation disabled**" appears.
This preference is disabled by default.
Always select first matching file upon CRC mismatch:
Always selects the first matching file and ignores the rest, if there are one or more files with a similar name but none of them match with the CRC of the program being debugged.
Connection timeout (ms)
Sets the time-out used by the Debugger to connect to the OpenEdge Client.
The default value is 20000 ms.