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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Reference : Tools for Business Logic options : Database settings
Database settings
The Database Settings dialog shows the current information about the name, location, connection parameters, and project associations of the component model database, if defined, and lets you make changes to these settings. This dialog appears when you select Window > Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Tools for Business Logic > Component Model Database > Database Settings.
Settings appear on three tabs: Database information, Connection information, and Projects.

Database information tab

The following fields are available:
Component database name (read-only field)
The logical name for the database.
Component model database path
The complete path name for the database .db file.
Service/port for server (-S)
The name or port of the database server.
Additional server parameters
Currently defined database startup parameters.
Automatically start/stop server
An option to have the database server start automatically when you start Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge and stop when you quit.

Connection information tab

The following fields are available:
The name of the remote database host machine, or localhost for a local database.
The name or port for the database server.
The logical name of the database.
A valid database user name.
The password for the specified user, if required.

Projects tab

The table lists the projects in your workspace. Projects with a check mark are associated with the model database, meaning that components created in those projects are stored in the database.

Command buttons

The following commands are available on all tabs:
Restore Defaults
To discard changes to database settings and revert to default values.
To save the current database settings and keep the Preferences dialog open.
To save all current values and close the Preferences dialog.
To close the Preferences dialog without saving any changes.