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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Reference : Tools for Business Logic options : Database list
Database list
This dialog identifies your component model database, if any. You open the dialog by selecting Window > Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Tools for Business Logic > Component Model Database.
The following fields and commands are available:
Component database name
The logical name for the database.
The setting (true or false) of the option to start the database server automatically when you launch Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge and stop it when you quit.
Starts the Create Component Model Database wizard (available only when no model database is currently defined).
To delete the model database from disk, if it is local to your machine, and disassociate it from your component models.
To read settings for a remote database from an exported XML file and apply them for use with your projects, replacing any settings currently in use.
To create an XML file containing your current database settings, allowing other users to import the file and apply the same settings for a shared database.
To save all current values and close the Preferences dialog.
To close the Preferences dialog without saving any changes.