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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Working with objects Palette : Customizing the Object Palette
Customizing the Object Palette
In addition to providing a variety of display options for the Object Palette, the AppBuilder allows you to customize the Palette contents using custom object files.
The custom object file is an external text file in which you define custom objects using a specific syntax. Custom object files have .cst extension in their filenames. OpenEdge includes default custom object files for you to use such as progress.cst, smart.cst, activex.cst, and shared.cst. These files reside at DLC/src/template.
However, you can create your own custom object files, and add them to the Object Palette. For example, if you create new SmartObject templates, you can add them to the Object Palette. You can also change certain default settings for the standard SmartObject templates.
The Use Custom dialog allows you to add to or modify the files that determine the Object Palette's behavior and appearance.
To customize the Object Palette:
1. Right-click on the Object Palette, and then select Use Custom from the context menu. The Use Custom dialog appears which allows you to perform the following:
a. Click Add to add a custom object file.
b. Click Modify to modify an existing custom object file.
c. Click Remove to delete an existing custom object file from the list.
d. Click Move Up or Move Down to change the order of a selected custom object file in the list.
2. Click OK to save your changes.
Note: The Object's Palette behavior and appearance changes based on the modifications you have done.